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1st Pro 1965 colour

Ardmore Engineers' Song Book and Haka

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Capping Procesh 1965/66
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Boat race
"Wisdom, Wit and Modesty." - The Engineers motto
* We have produced this site as a record of the times at the Auckland University Engineering School when it was established at Ardmore Aerodrome. Being a residential college, the life there was interesting to say the least.

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September 2018

NEW - We have copies of the Ardmore Engineers Haka, Song and Fester Song Book. Click on menu item at left to download.
- We have a lot more photos to upload when time permits from Ross (1966).
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Giving everyone the fingers at Capping
Flying cars?
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Capping parade - The Super sphere.
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Newmarket sign, 1st April 1966

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